Based out of Austin, Texas, Adelbert’s Brewery was founded by Scott Hovey. If you’re wondering where the name of the brewery came from, it was named in tribute to his brother, George Adelbert Hovey, who passed away in 2000.

Started in 2011, Hovey and head brewer Taylor Ziebarth took their home brewing hobby from a passionate pastime to the next logical step of making it a business. Both Hovey and Ziebarth prepared for the endeavor with Hovey completing the Master Brewers Association of the Americas’ Malting and Brewing Science Course and Ziebarth participating in the American Brewers Guild’s Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering program.

Adelbert s Brewery Tripel B bottle

Focusing on Belgian-style, bottle-conditioned ales, the brewery produces a number of different beers with names that are quite obviously abbey related, including Naked Nun, Dancin’ Monks and Flyin’ Monks. They have a number of other beers as well, including a Vintage Series of various barrel aged brews. Today, however, I’ll be looking at the Tripel B, which of course is a Belgian Tripel style ale.1

It pours a golden yellow — very crisp and clear. On the pour the head builds up nicely and slowly dissipates over a couple minutes, though with any agitation it builds itself back up slightly. Burying my nose in my Teku glass, the aroma is very interesting—slightly sour with malts and granny smith apples, but not much else.

Adelbert s Brewery Tripel B

After the Tripel B’s aroma, I’m not surprised when I take my first sip, as the taste is pretty unique as well. There’s a sour mustiness to the whole thing at the start, like fruits almost past their prime and starting to turn. There is a little sweetness, some roasted malts and a bit of a vegetal note. The finish is long, roasty and has more of the funky turning fruit note. The mouthfeel is lighter and has quite a bit of carbonation—bordering on almost too much. Interestingly enough, though it has a higher ABV, any alcohol note seems to be completely hidden as I am not detecting it at all.

Adelbert's Brewery Tripel B
BREWERY: Adelbert’s Brewery
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
STYLE: Tripel
ABV: 9.3 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $13.99
AVAILABLE IN: 750ml bottles
My last Tripel that I reviewed, I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more tasting notes and that it wasn’t very exciting. Unfortunately, for the Tripel B, I think that the notes that it does produce are just a little bit too odd for me. The alcohol was completely absent from the tasting notes, as it should be in a Belgian ale, but it wasn’t nearly as crisp and refreshing as I would have liked. The funky notes definitely deterred from it being great, giving the beer a strange quality that is a tad off putting. Interestingly enough, as I drank more of the beer I became somewhat accustomed to the funkiness of it, so while it may sound as though I hated the beer, I did drink the whole bottle. I wouldn’t say that it was something I ended up loving, but it’s far from undrinkable. Having said all that, the beer has won multiple awards, so this might just be my personal preference of not liking it, but in the end it just isn’t something I will seek out to drink again.
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