Turning a hobby into a successful business is a dream for many people. It often happens in the craft beer industry, but not always in the city where you were born. In 2013, Jeremy and Natalie Roberts did just that in their hometown of Sherman, Texas. 

Before 903 Brewers opened, there was not a dedicated brewery in the town. The Roberts were a home brewing duo and saw an opportunity to do what they loved for a living. In 2013, they opened 903 Brewers and sold their first two kegs to their favorite local pub, Cellarman’s.

“It was really cool to be able to buy my own beer because that’s a place I’ve been coming to forever,” said Jeremy.

Not too long after, its production began to increase and 903’s beers started getting into grocery stores. Two short years after opening, 903 won a silver medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival

In 2019, it announced plans for a move to an old, three-story schoolhouse. Plans “will not only include a taproom, but also a restaurant, a beer garden with live music, and a space for parties and weddings.”

Despite a short history, their products have a long reach. 903 beers are currently found in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, California and Arizona. This year, the brewery partnered with an exporter to begin distributing to Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

903 Brewers has always been known for being a super creative brewery. Its most famous line, Sasquatch, is a 10.5% imperial milk stout that sees different variants every year, including barrel-aged, birthday and winter versions.

However, fruited beers started the brewery’s popularity, and it still sees the effects of this style today. Its range includes a Bahama Mama Slushy, a Rainbow Sherbet Slushy and a Hurricane Slushy.

First released on July 4th weekend in 2019, Trash Can Punch Gose is brewed with pineapple, blood orange, passion fruit, apricot and sweet cherries.

Poured from a 16-ounce can into a Willie glass, the beer pours a muddy, red-orange color closely resembling carrot juice, an aspect I did not find appealing. Head retention is moderate but dissipates quickly, and lacing is reasonably thick with small specks of fruit.

Trash Can Punch has a vibrant aroma dominated by passion fruit but not without hints of blood orange and a touch of pineapple. The body is very smooth, as is common with smoothie-style beers, due, in part, to low carbonation. It is also lighter than I expected but certainly more drinkable than the thicker fruited beers on the market today.

Passion fruit is also the leading fruit in the flavor profile though some apricot is noticeable on the finish, more so as the beer warms. Overall, the flavors are very bright though I do not pick up any of the sweet cherries.

Since the beer is heavily fruited, likely using purée in place of real fruit, it is very sweet, especially on the finish. I notice a burning, sugary sweetness at the back of my throat. Despite that, it is not artificial tasting, instead the fruit tastes fresh and the beer has a very clean execution.

903 Brewers Trash Can Punch Gose
BREWERY: 903 Brewers
LOCATION: Sherman, Texas
ABV: 6.4 Percent
IBU: Undisclosed
PRICE: $2.99
AVAILABLE IN: 16-ounce cans
Despite its appearance, I thoroughly enjoyed this beer. Most fruited smoothie-style beers are Berliner Weisses, so it was interesting, though not terribly different, to try it with a gose base. The huge aroma was attractive, and the bright flavor profile kept it interesting. It was smooth, easy to drink, and not super thick. While I expected it to be overly sweet, that part was still disappointing. But 903 made up for it by not having any artificial tastes in the beer. These types of beers are essentially alcoholic fruit juices, and this was one of the better ones.
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