In 2007, Ryan Deyo received a home brewing kit as an anniversary gift from his wife, which he used to brew his first beer: a “forgettable” amber ale.

Eight years later, the 34-year-old Deyo now splits his time between two jobs: a Fort Worth fireman and head brewer at The Collective Brewing Project. Deyo founded the Forth Worth-based brewery with business partner Mike Goldfuss early last year. Although they have been brewing since June 2014, The Collective Brewing Project’s taproom and brewing facilities officially opened in November 2014.

Ryan Deyo

At the moment, the brewery has a 35-barrel capacity and its most popular beers are Petite Golden Sour (4.5 percent ABV) and Tropic Thunder saison (5 percent ABV). It will also be bottling its first beer, American Sour Red (6.5 percent ABV) this summer, and has purchased a foeder for future projects.

The is portrait was taken at The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, Texas with a using a Canon 5D Mark III and a 24-70mm f/1.2 lens set at f/2.8. The shutter speed was 1/45 second at ISO 1000. There were two main sources of light: ambient incandescent light from bulbs hanging from the ceiling and natural light coming from large windows stage right. The photograph was color corrected in Adobe Lightroom and adjusted for color, contrast and sharpness in Adobe Photoshop CC.