There’s a new sour from Woodfour Brewing Co. coming.

Sticky Sour Ale is a 4.8 percent ABV bottle-conditioned and refermented sour blonde ale. The beer is dry hopped with heaps of Comet hops, then local wild yeast are added along with several strains of souring bacteria (including sacchromyces, brettanomnyces, and lactobacillus). The beer is then aged for an unspecified amount of time in oak foudres.

Per the brewery, the beer has intense tropical notes on the nose, with a touch of dense dankness, an upfront, robust sour taste with a  juicy mouthfeel, and a more bracing acidity on a dry finish.

The brewery also added that the name “Sticky Sour Ale” is derived from the condition that the brewers clothes and hands are in after being completely covered in sticky, hop resin after the process is complete.  Sticky Sour Ale will come in 750ml bottles set to be released at the brewery in late September or early October.