Wicked Weed Brewing Co. and Jester King Brewery have collaborated on a beer that is named after the location where it was thought up.

The beer is named The Parking Lot Grissette, a 5.2 percent ABV grissette aged in foeders and dry-hopped with both Mandarina Bavaria and huell melon hops. According to filings with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the farmhouse ale was brewed and bottled by Asheville, N.C.-based Wicked Weed, and was  “dreamed up in a parking lot session during a climbing trip” members of the two breweries went on.

Jester King : Wicked Weed The Parking Lot Grissette

“As climbers, our journeys are measured by the ambitions we share before we embark and the stories we tell upon our return,” reads the beer label. “For us, many of these yard-stick conversations unfold in the parking lot with friends after long days that turn into headlamp-lit nights. Cold beers soothe cracked, chalk-covered hands while narratives of the day’s euphoric successes and painful failures echo off pavement. Crag after crag, parking lot after parking lot, for a climber, this is home.”

The Parking Lot will be packaged in 500ml bottles.

While the beer was not originally scheduled to be released in Texas, it will. Walt Dickinson, Wicked Weed’s owner and head blender, will be at Jester King this Saturday, March 12. Free samples will be offered until supplies run out and the beer will be sold in Texas after it gets label approval from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

An email sent to both breweries asking for information pertaining to a release date was not immediately returned.

Update (March 9, 2016) — Updated with new name and added Texas release info. This story was first published on Jan. 19.