Wicked Weed Brewing will be adding a new beer to its seasonal offerings this month.

The beer in question is Hop Burglar, a 7 percent ABV IPA brewed with blood orange purée and fresh grapefruit zest that is dry-hopped with Amarillo hops. The beer was first released by the Asheville, N.C.-based brewery in 2013 as a draft-only option.

“All brewers have begged, borrowed and burgled in the name of their craft,” reads the beer label. “It takes humility, stubbornness, and some sleight of hand to turn raw ingredients into liquid alchemy.”

According Erin Jones, spokesperson for Wicked Weed, Hop Burglar will be packaged in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles and is scheduled to be shipped to retailers in both Georgia and North Carolina sometime this month.

Update (April 7, 2016) — This post was updated to include details on the release date, distribution information and packaging details. It was originally published on March 29, 2016.