Wicked Weed Brewing has a new Terra Locale Series release on shelves now.

Brettaberry is a 5.5 percent ABV “tart farmhouse ale” brewed with a half-pound of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries as well as raw honey. The new beer is part of the Asheville, N.C.-based brewery’s Terra Locale Series, which translates to “local earth” from Italian and consists of wild ales that are all made with local ingredients and are meant to highlight North Carolina’s agricultural heritage.

“The bottle you hold contains more than a complex, balanced beverage,” reads the beer label filed with . “It holds the aromas that echo fresh cut blades of humid august grass, the fizzing noises of warm summer rain on slate and tart flavors of ripe berries that roll over us like floured pins over dough. This is our connection to beer — we hope it will be yours as well.”

According to Wicked Weed, Brettaberry is packaged in 500ml bottles and is available now at the brewery as well as a limited number of retailer’s shelves.