Westbrook Brewing Co. has released the newest versions of two of its most popular gose-style beers at the same time.

Key Lime Pie Gose and Lemon Cucumber Gose are 4 percent ABV gose-style beers brewed with CTZ hops, but the former is infused with cinnamon, coriander, key lime, vanilla and sea salt while the latter is infused with coriander, cucumber, lemon and sea salt.

Both of these beers incorporate Westbrooks’ regular Gose as its base and have been previously released: Lemon Cucumber debuted in 2017 as a draft-only option before being released in cans in 2018, while Key Lime Pie has been sold in cans the past two years.

According to a post on Westbrook’s Facebook page, Key Lime Pie Gose and Lemon Cucumber Gose are packaged in 12-ounce cans that are currently available at the brewery, and both have historically been shipped across Westbrooks’ full distribution network.