This week, Westbrook Brewing Co. will be releasing Fruit/Wood/Time: Blackberry & Boysenberry, a 5.2 percent ABV blended oak-aged sour ale refermented with blackberries and boysenberries for six months in second-use cabernet wine barrels. The base ale is a blend of several different foeder-aged mixed fermentation sour ales.

The new ale will join a number of different releases in the Fruit/Wood/Time Series packaged in 500ml bottles, including Fruit/Wood/Time: Montmorency & Balaton Cherry, Fruit/Wood/Time: Black Raspberry and Fruit/Wood/Time: Passionfruit (Rum Barrel Finish.)

In an email, Edward Westbrook, founder and ceo of Westbrook Brewing, told Tenemu that bottles of Fruit/Wood/Time: Blackberry & Boysenberry” are scheduled to be released this week and that “most of our distribution areas will get a little bit.”

Update (May 28, 2019) — This post was updated to include release and distribution information. It was originally published on May 25, 2019.