This summer, fans of one of Colorado’s most popular breweries will have two different locations to visit.

That is because Weldwerks Brewing Co. has announced it will be opening a new taproom in Colorado Springs in July that will join its original brewery in the town of Greeley. The new facility will be at 3043 W. Pikes Peak Ave. in a former diner named The Dive, which is located in the Old Colorado City neighborhood of Colorado Springs.

“For us, there’s an intrinsic pleasure in putting down roots in communities that inspire us,” said Jake Goodman, director of sales and marketing at WeldWerks, in a press release. “Colorado Springs has all of the amenities and excitement of a larger, up-and-coming city combined with the warmth, uniqueness, and authenticity of a tight-knit community.”

According to Weldwerks, the main brewery in Greeley will send beers to the Colorado Springs taproom, which will have a “laid-back, family-friendly vibe similar to its Greeley counterpart.” In addition, there will be “crafted experiences” that will be unique to the new location.