Weathered Souls Brewing Co. has released two of its most anticipated beers of the summer.

The first beer is Sundaez Best, a 13.9 percent ABV imperial stout that debuted last year and is refermented with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries as well as cacao nibs and Madagascar vanilla beans. According to a post on Weathered Souls Facebook page, this release is packaged in 500ml bottles ($22) with a purchase limit of two bottles per person.

In addition, Weathered Souls has released Double Barrel Cavernous, a 14.7 percent ABV imperial stout that was aged in Calvados apple brandy barrels before being blended with a stout that had been aged in barrels that previously held Heaven Hill whiskey. That blended beer was then aged in the Calvados apple brandy barrel again before being bottled.

This is the second release of Double Barrel Cavernous after it debuted last year, although that version was aged in 45-year-old barrels that previously held Remy Martin cognac.

According to Weathered Souls Double Barrel Cavernous 2018 is packaged in 500ml bottles ($30) and has a purchase limit of one bottle per person with only 150 bottles available.