Next year, a former brewery-only release from Victory Brewing Co. is making a comeback.

The beer is Sour Monkey Remix, a 9.5 percent ABV triple-style ale brewed with brettanomyces and aged in chardonnay wine barrels. The ale uses the Downington, Pa.-based brewery’s year-round option Sour Monkey as its base, and originally debuted earlier this year as a brewery-only release.
“Now usually we don’t do this, but sometimes an instant classic is just begging for a remix,” reads the beer label. “Chardonnay barrel aging puts a whole new spin on our already tastefully twisted Sour Monkey, with notes of vanilla and oak rounding out its lemony tart tang and dry finish.”
According to filings with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the newest incarnation of Sour Monkey Remix will be packaged in 750ml bottles. An email sent to the brewery for additional details was not immediately returned.