Victory Brewing Co. has announced it will be adding a java milk stout to its limited release series.

Java Latte Cold Brew Milk Stout is an 8.2 percent ABV cold brew milk stout brewed with experimental HBC 472 hops, milk sugar  and Honduran Artist Dark Roast blend coffee sourced from One Village Coffee.

Java Latte will join other previously released Java variants including:

  • Java Cask Rye — a 14.3 percent ABV imperial stout brewed with Cascade and chinook hops
  • Java Cask Gold —  a blonde imperial coffee stout aged in bourbon barrels that previously held Buffalo Trace bourbon and brewed with One Village Coffee’s “Legend” dark roast coffee
  • Java Cask Maple — an imperial stout aged in maple bourbon barrels for 8 months with “Artist” dark roast coffee
  • Java Cask Rye with Vanilla Beans — a 12.5 percent ABV coffee stout aged in freshly emptied rye barrels for 18 months with Madagascar vanilla beans and coffee

According to a post on Victory’s website and a post on its Instagram page, Java Latte Cold Brew Milk Stout is packaged in 16-ounce cans that will be showing up at retailers across the brewery’s distribution network “over the next few weeks.”