The Veil Brewing Co. has begun working on its first barrel-fermented wild beer conditioned on whole local fruit.

The base beer is named All That You Are, a “barrel fermented mixed fermentation farmhouse inspired ale with a touch of spelt” that has spent a year aging in French oak red wine barrels. However, according to a post on The Veil Brewing Co.’s Facebook page, half of that batch was pulled out and is now refermenting on whole red raspberries sourced from Agriberry CSA and Farm in Hanover, Va.

“For this batch, we used slightly higher fruit volumes than Lou Pepe Framboise (one of our favorite Belgian Framboise),” says a post on the brewery’s Facebook page. “We will allow it to referment and essentially macerate on the whole fruit for approx 3 months. After this period, we will remove the beer from fruit and bottle it.”

According to The Veil Brewing Co., the unfruited version of All That You Are is being bottled this week and is expected to be released in January 2018, while the fruited incarnation is tentatively scheduled to be released at the brewery’s two year anniversary in April 2018.

An email sent to The Veil Brewing Co. seeking further information was not immediately returned.