While The Veil Brewing Co. is well-known for canned beers, it spent much of last year working on bottled releases and today three bottles will make their debut.

The first bottle to be released is Escape, a 5.8 percent ABV IPA that was first brewed as a pilot batch in late 2016. Originally intended to be a fresher beer, “we scaled that concept up and allowed for an extended maturation period in the barrels and the results were phenomenal,” according to a Facebook post.

Escape began as Master Shredder IPA with wort that was transferred to French oak barrels rather than stainless fermenters. After a year of aging, the beer was dry-hopped with the same hop blend used for Master Shredder and bottle-conditioned for two weeks. There will be approximately 1,500 750ml bottles of Escape available ($20) with a four bottle limit purchase limit.

Next up is another “funky” beer named Make You Feel, a 5.9 percent ABV farmhouse-inspired ale brewed with barley, wheat, spelt, buckwheat, and European hops. According to a post on the brewery’s Facebook page, the wort for this new creation was dumped into a koelschip, pitched with two saison yeasts and allowed to open ferment for 48 hours. The beer was then transferred to Pinot Noir barrels acquired from a Napa producer to age for 15 months before being bottled. Approximately 1,350 750ml bottles of Make You Feel will be available priced at $20 each with a four bottle limit purchase limit.

The third beer being released is Pallbearer, a 13.5 percent ABV imperial stout that is “designed to be the thickest, richest, most complex imperial stout we could possibly create” according to this Facebook post. The stout spent 15 months aging in bourbon barrels, and there will be approximately  1,600 500ml bottles for sale priced at $17 each with a four bottle per person limit.

Finally, a there will be 15 magnums of Escape and 10 magnums of Make You Feel available for purchase priced at $60 each, with interested parties limited to one bottle of either release.