Collaborations between breweries are becoming more and more common, and you can now add three new creations from The Veil Brewing Co. and Jester King Brewery to the list: a koelschip beer, a barrel-fermented beer and an IPA.

First, Averie Swanson and Sean Spiller of Jester King joined forces with the crew from the Richmond, Va.-based brewery to brew “something out of their comfort zone” on The Veil’s 7-bbl pilot system, which turned out to be an IPA.

In an email, Matt Tarpey, head brewer at Veil Brewing, told Tenemu that the unnamed IPA “will be ready in about three weeks.”

In addition, there is a “turbid mashed, spontaneous beer” brewed with Texas pilsner malt sourced from Blacklands Malt in Austin. “We [then] transferred the near boiling wort onto Virginia Wildflower honey that we previously added to the koelschip,” reads a post on The Veil’s Instagram page. After cooling overnight, the beer was transferred to French oak red wine barrels to age.

Finally, the two breweries collaborated last weekend on a mixed fermentation beer brewed with Texas unmalted wheat, Virginia corn grits, and aged leaf hops that will be aged in barrels.

“There are no release dates planned for the spontaneous and/or mixed fermentation collabs brewed here at The Veil,” Tarpey told Tenemu in an email. “The best we can predict will be 12-24 months on those, but the beers will tell us when they are ready!”

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