Upslope Brewing Co. has announced the addition of a brand new beer to its year-round lineup, and fans can pick it up stating today.

The beer in question is Hazy IPA, a 6.6 percent ABV IPA that is “the product of extensive experimentation to find the juiciest expression of hops with a smooth delivery”, according to a press release.

“In developing this beer we wanted to challenge many of the preconceived notions that surround the creation of a great hazy IPA while emphasizing the characteristics that beer drinkers have come to expect of this style,” said Alex Meyer, Upslope’s lead brewer at its research and development facility, in a post on the brewery’s website. “Water chemistry, innovative dry-hopping techniques, and a novel yeast strain all contribute to a vibrant, juicy profile coaxed from a blend of our favorite hop varieties. Our ultimate goal was to make this beer extremely expressive and pleasantly drinkable simultaneously.”

According to Upslope, Hazy IPA is packaged in six-packs of 12-ounce cans that are available year-round at retailers in the brewery’s distribution network now, with “more locations being added in early 2021.”