On Saturday, Feb. 20, Portland’s Upright Brewing released two new barrel-aged beers, Hearts’ Beat and Shades. Each beer is named and labeled with artwork in homage to a track off of Charles Mingus album “The Black Saint and the Singer Lady.”

Upright Brewing on Twitter

2 new exciting wild ale bottle releases over a year in the making! https://www.newschoolbeer.com/2016/02/upright-brewing-releases-highly-anticipated-hearts-beat-and-shades.html … pic.twitter.com/lJkIHXW2Il

Hearts’ Beat is a 7 percent ABV ale brewed using Chelan Cherries from Baird Family Orchard. This particular cherry is known as a very intense fruit and the brewers wanted to let that shine above all other factors in the beer.

To accomplish this feat, they used a minimally hopped grist to achieve a very nominal amount of bitterness. This wort was then injected into oak wine casks that were filled with 100 pounds of fruit. Two different strains of brettanomyces and some lactobacillus were added to the barrels which were allowed to sit for one full year.

The finished product has a high presence of tannins that counterbalance the acidity, and is very similar to a cherry wine.

Upright Brewing on Twitter

Here is the info sheet on one of our 2 new bottle releases this Saturday – SHADES pic.twitter.com/aADh03Rzhe

Shades is a beer that walks the line between a wild ale, a fruit beer and a traditional kriek. The 8 percent ABV beer was brewed with a minimalist amount of hops for a low bitterness level. The wort was then filled directly into neutral condition, wine casks containing over 100 pounds of Rainier cherries each, along with three different strains of brettanomyces. The finished product is a blend of two different lots of fruit, one with tart and the other with sweet cherries.

Shades has a typical yellow-gold color, due to the unique coloring of the Rainier cherry. According to the brewery, the nose is ripe with Rainier cherry, brett, and orchard yeast and finishes with a lingering bite of acidity and tannins.