Upland Brewing Co. has decided to release a new beer as a tribute to one of the company’s favorite artists.

The Bloomington, Ind.-based brewery’s new release is Infinite Wisdom Tripel, a 9 percent ABV Belgian-style tripel that “has a long fermentation period using classic Begian yeasts.” The new beer is a tribute to artist Noron Wisdom.

“This Belgian Tripel is a sly devil,” says a press release from Upland. “It’ll creep up on you quick. Sometimes, the best things are like that. Similar to how our featured artist, Norton Wisdom works… the inspiration muse creeps up on him, and he must follow the flow.This beautiful, slightly wicked Belgian ale is our tribute to him.”

According to the press release, Infinite Wisdom Tripel will be released on May 1 in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles.