Upland Brewing Co. will be opening up its next lottery for three of its sour blends starting today at 12 p.m. local time. Included in the lottery will be two beers from the Bloomington, Ind.-based brewery and one collaboration release with Jolly Pumkin Artisan Ales of Dexter, Mich.

Upland Dantalion

The Upland Brewing website has the details of the three blends that will be offered to winners.

Kiwi Lambic: Upland lambics are fermented by wild yeast and aged in oak casks for over a year, which creates a tart, complex beer. We then add whole kiwis, giving the beer enticing aromas and flavors. The beer is bottle conditioned, which adds a zesty and refreshing carbonation. Kiwi Lambic is the perfect drink to share with friends over a plate of good cheese and fresh fruit.

Permission Slip: A brand new collaboration beer with our friends at Jolly Pumpkin. Permission Slip is a unique blend of two base beers. The first beer, brewed at Jolly Pumpkin, features raw wheat and flaked oats for a soft mouthfeel, intrinsic flavors of JP’s house yeast, and aromatic Mosaic and Amarillo hop additions, all aged on Indiana persimmons. The second beer is Upland Sour Reserve, refermented for 3 months on fresh Dragonfruit. Blended together these beers create a melange of peach, apricot, and tropical fruit flavors with Belgian yeast character and polite lactic and acetic acid. Please enjoy with friends over grilled pineapple and pulled pork.

Dantalion: Dantalion is our demonically named sour ale based on the Oud Bruin beer style. Medium brown in color, Dantalion has hints of chocolate, Munich malts, and rye. We also incorporate a spice blend containing ginger, coriander, star anise, grains of paradise, and black pepper to create a gentle halo of spice character. The beer is fermented on the same selection of yeasts and microbes as our base lambic, and aged for up to 8 months or more in white oak barrels.

Entries will be accepted online. The lottery closes on Oct. 9, 2014 at 12 p.m. and winners will be notified on Oct. 13 via email. Winners will be limited to purchasing two bottles each of Upland’s Kiwi Lambic and Dantalion and one bottle of Permission Slip, and each of the three beers are priced at $25 plus Indiana state sales tax which raises the price of each 750-ml bottle to $26.75. You must specify your preferred pick-up location — either the Bloomington Brewpub or the Indianapolis Tasting Room in Broad Ripple, Ind. — at the time of entry, and pickup locations cannot be changed after a reservation request has been made.

Upland Kiwi

There are 1,700 bottles of both the Kiwi Lambic and Dantalion and 700 bottles of Permission Slip available in this release. While Kiwi Lambic and Dantalion have both been offered previously and are expected to return at some point, Upland has stated Permission Slip is a one-time release. This is the third lottery to purchase specific beers that Upland has held in 2014, with the first two commencing in May and June.