If you’ve ever wondered what Untitled Art’s Wisconsin Stout would taste like barrel-aged, you only have a few more months to wait to try it.

This fall, Untitled Art will release Barrel Aged Wisconsin Stout, a 12.2 percent ABV imperial stout. The base of this beer is Wisconsin Stout, originally released as a collaboration with Listerman Brewing Co. in early 2019 that was only available at Listerman’s brewery in Cincinnati. That beer was an imperial stout brewed with lactose and maple and was measured at 10 percent ABV. For Barrel Aged Wisconsin Stout, Untitled Art placed the base Wisconsin Stout in barrels for two years with milk sugar and maple syrup.

The fall release of this beer be packaged in 22-ounce-bottles and will only be available at Untitled Art’s brewery in Waunakee, Wis.