Turning Point Beer’s first barrel-aged stout release is named after the foamy head of yeast that forms during the peak of fermentation when brewing a beer.

Release The Krausen is a 13.1 percent ABV Russian imperial stout aged for 11 months in oak barrels that perviously held Witherspoon bourbon. In a text conversation J.P. Goytia, co-owner of Turning Point, told Tenemu that while the name of the beer has been used for other creations before, this is a brand new base stout that has been adjusted to achieve a fuller body.

According to Goytia, Release The Krausen is packaged in 750ml bottles ($25) and will not have a purchase limit when it goes on sale at the brewery on March 23. In addition, there will be 150 cases available for sale and there will be “extremely limited” distribution of kegs to local accounts.