Turning Point Beer has brewed beer with watermelon Jolly Ranchers, fruit punch sports drink powder and even cookie dough, but a new creation takes adjuncts to a whole new level.

That new beer is Party Boyz 4 Lyfe, an 8 percent ABV berliner weisse-style sour ale brewed with 10 pounds of sour gummi worms per barrel.

The Garland, Texas-based brewery has released a number of other sour ales brewed with candy and using similar names, including Party Boys, an 8 percent ABV sour ale brewed with 150 pounds of blue raspberry sour straw candy and Party Boyz II Men, an 8 percent ABV imperial stout ale brewed with 250 pounds of wild berry candy.

According to a post on Turning Point’s Facebook page, Party Boyz 4 Lyfe will be packaged in four-packs of 16-ounce cans ($18) that are scheduled to be released exclusively at the brewery on July 16.