Troegs Independent Brewing has been releasing sought-after offerings from its Splinter Cellar Series for years now. The latest release is Freaky Peach

It is a 9.9 percent ABV Pennsylvania sour that “delivers waves of bright peaches, spun sugar and whiskey sour.”

Troegs posted the following quote from John Trogner, Treogs’ brewmaster, about the new release:

Last peach season I brought these home, inspiring quite a few beer ideas. One of those – Freaky Peach – will be released next week. We came up with around 100 new beers last year. This one has been awesome. We soured a peach and apricot brew, then aged it in super-fresh bourbon barrels. So yeah, it smells like vanilla, coconut and apricot. Then take a sip and you’re hit with peach sour. Totally different than what your nose tells you is in the glass. The bourbon soak finishes the gulp. Gotta say I’m very proud of this one. I’ve been brewing for 24 years and would put this one in my top 5 favorite recipes. ‘Freaky Peach’ makes me smile.

Freaky Peach will be exclusively available in Troegs’ General Store and Tasting Room at 11 a.m. tomorrow, April 6.

It will be $13 for a 375ml bottle, $47 for a four-pack and $141 for a 12-pack.