There are plenty of Trillium Brewing Co. creations that are brewed to taste like specific desserts, but a new release coming tomorrow has one included in it.

Resolution Break is a 13.5 percent ABV imperial stout brewed with lactose and vanilla as well as liege waffles from Burgundian Coffee & Waffles in Rhode Island and the new Trillium blend coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasting Co. Liege waffles are commonly sold at street vendors in Belgium and are made from yeast risen dough as well as Belgian pearl sugar, making them inherently sweeter than other kind of waffles.

Trillium has collaborated with breweries in the past to release dessert-inspired stouts, including Affogato and Tiramisu with J. Wakefield Brewing; Coconut Pecan Pie with Perennial Artisan Ales; and Nanaimo, a joint effort with Toronto-based Bellwoods Brewery and New York-based Evil Twin Brewing.

According to a post on Trillium’s Instagram page, Resolution Break will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($18.05) that will have a two bottle per person purchase limit when it is released at both of the brewery’s locations on Jan. 27.

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