Trillium Brewing Co. is set to release a new variant of one of its collaboration beers from 2018.

According to the brewery’s latest Instagram post, Double-Barrel Aged Tiramisu is going for sale online tomorrow morning. The beer, which was brewed alongside J. Wakefield Brewing as a collaborative effort was first released in January of 2018.


Thirteen months after the original stout came out, a bourbon-barrel aged variant was released in February of 2019. Fast forward to over two and a half years later and you get this new release which took the Imperial stout based brewed and added it to fresh bourbon barrels with three types of vanilla beans and even more coffee.

Double Barrel-Aged Tiramisu is packaged in 500ml bottles and with fewer than one thousand bottles available at $30 each, this new beer will go on sale on Sept. 21 on the brewery’s website with a limit of one bottle per person.