It there will be at least one more version of Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.’s Assassin available to fans this year, but they will have to travel to Iowa to get it.

In an email, Clark Lewey, founder of Toppling Goliath, confirmed to Tenemu that the Decorah, Iowa-based brewery will be releasing bottles of Coconut Assassin 2018, an imperial stout conditioned on toasted coconut and aged in whiskey barrels. As the name suggests, it incorporates Toppling Goliath’s extremely popular Assassin 2018 as its base, a 12 percent ABV imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels, that was released on March 31.

“This is our first time with making this variant of Assassin and we wanted to make sure that the style of roasted coconut we used was perfect,” said Lewey in an email to Tenemu. “We did not want to risk making too much because if it did not meet our flavor profile we would not serve the beer and that is a beer base (BA Assassin) we don’t enjoy missing the mark with. Incidentally we think we did a pretty good job with the beer.”

According to Lewey, Coconut Assassin 2018 will be packaged in 375ml bottles that will retail for $25 each and will be released exclusively in the brewery’s taproom “from time to time with out any announcements…before the end of 2018” with a one bottle per person purchase limit. While bottles will only be released in the taproom, purchasers will be able to take unopened bottles off-site and there will be “less than 100 bottles” available.

When asked about two additional Assassin variants the brewery filed labels for earlier this year—Vanilla Assassin 2018, an imperial stout conditioned on vanilla beans and aged in whiskey barrels and Muerte Dulce Assassin 2018, an imperial stout conditioned on cinnamon, peppers, vanilla beans and sea salt—Lewey said that details on the release, pricing and production numbers of those variants “had not been decided yet.”