Less than a week after Jester King Brewery and Tired Hands Brewing Co.’s first collaboration went on sale, the two breweries were at it again.

However, this time the beers were brewed in Tired Hands’ home of Ardmore, Pa. In addition, instead of one beer, there were two very different collaborations brewed, one at each of Tired Hand’s facilities.

According to Jester King founder Jeffrey Stuffings and a post on Tired Hands’ Instagram page, the first beer was a “strange/foraged palindromic IPA” brewed at the Fermentaria with false pennyroyal, foraged lilac, spicebush and spruce tips while the second beer was a “local mushroom/Japanese knotweed saison” brewed with Japanese knotweed, smoked golden oyster mushrooms and Pennsylvania grains at the Tired Hands Brew Café.

The two breweries have collaborated once before, resulting in the release of Cloudfeeder, a 3.8 percent ABV farmhouse ale fermented with honey sourced from Pennsylvania as well as grapefruit and lime juice and zest sourced from Texas before being dry-hopped with both nelson sauvin and Simcoe hops.

Although a release date or distribution plans have not been announced, both as-yet unnamed beer will most likely not be available in Jester King’s home state of Texas, since the beer was not brewed at the Austin-based brewery.