Tired Hands Brewing Co. has added two more beers named after famous directors to its lineup.

First is Hitchcock, an 8 percent ABV old ale brewed with “a generous amount” of specialty malts before being aged on oak chips that have been soaked in red wine. The beer was named after Alfred Hitchcock,  the infamous director of more that fifty feature films, including classics such as “Rear Window,” “Vertigo,” “Psycho” and “The Birds.”

Also new on tap is Carpenter, a 4.5 percent ABV grisette brewed with spelt before being aged on an “abundant amount” of smoked donko shiitake mushrooms sourced from  Woodland Jewel Mushrooms in Spring City, Pa. This beer was named after director John Carpenter, who directed such famous films as “Halloween,” “Escape from New York” and “The Thing.”

Both of the new beers join two previous releases in the Ardmore, Pa.-based brewery’s Halloween Horror Movie Director’s Series : Argento (11.5 percent ABV), a “super saison” brewed with oats and aged on “heaps of local peaches” for more than three months, and Craven (9.8 percent ABV), a “dense, yet silky-smooth” 9.8 percent Baltic porter brewed with a “plethora of specialty malts” and was “gently hopped” with cascade hops before being lagered “for many moons.”

According to a posts on Tired Hand’s Instagram page, both of the new beers are available on draft at the Brew Café.