Tired Hands Brewing Co. has released the first beer in a new series commemorating directors of horror movies.

Argento is an 11.5 percent ABV “super saison” brewed with oats and aged on “heaps of local peaches” for more than three months. The “intense, juciey and frightfully drinkable” beer is the first release in the Ardmore, Pa.-based brewery’s new Halloween Horror Movie Director Series.

The beer is named after famed Italian director Dario Argento, who is best known for his work in a horror subgenre known as giallo, which is a style of movie that typically incorporates includes both elements of horror and eroticism. His best known works include “Opera” (1987), “The Bird” with the “Crystal Plumage” (1970) and “Deep Red” (1975).

According to a post on Tired Hand’s Instagram page, Argento is on tap now at the Brew Café.