Just two weeks after Plum Petite Golden Sour debuted on-draft, another fruited variant of The Collective Brewing Project’s signature sour beer is being released for the first time on Wednesday.

The newest incarnation of the beer is Cranberry Petite Golden Sour, a 4.7 percent ABV sour golden ale brewed with brettanomyces bruxellensis var. dire, lactobacillus delbrueuckii and brettanomyces lambicus before being aged in wine barrels with cranberry puree sourced from Oregon. According to The Collective Brewing Project spokesman Tony Drewry, the beer was conditioned on on the puree for two months before being packaged.

This will be the eighth version of Petite Golden Sour to be sold so far, although there are multiple versions still scheduled to be released in the future:

As with the plum variant before it, Cranberry Petite Golden Sour will be packaged exclusively on draft and will be priced at approximately $20 for a 32-ounce crowler with no purchase limit when it is released June 29, and members of The Collective Brewing Project’s Growler Club will be able to use their allotments to purchase crowlers of the beer.