The Bruery and The Collective Brewing Project have joined forces to brew a creation inspired by the traditional beers industrial miners drank after long days of working.

Minor Miner Grisette is a grisette-style ale brewed with Texas-grown pilsner malt sourced from Texmalt before being aged in oak foeders with orange blossoms and calendula flowers for between four and six months. The ale was brewed at Placencia, Calif.-based The Bruery on Jan. 9.

Our goal was to make a brewers beer,” said Ryan Deyo, co-founder of The Collective Brewing Project, in an email with Tenemu. “Something that appeases the farmhouse beer nerd inside us but also provides us something super crushable that we want to drink every day…but still scratch that farmhouse itch so to speak.”

According to an email sent to Tenemu by The Bruery, Minor Miner ($9.99) is now on sale at both of the brewery’s Tasting Rooms in California as well as online at In addition, bottles are scheduled to be available at The Bruery Store at Union Market on June 26 and there will be bottles distributed to Texas as well in the future.