The Bruery’s Rueuze is returning, but in different form.

The Placentia, Calif.-based brewery will be releasing Humulus Rueuze, a 6 percent ABV gueuze-style beer that has been dry-hopped with hallertau blanc hops before being aged in “an assortment of neutral oak barrels collected from various California wineries,” according to Benjamin Weiss, The Bruery manager of sales and marketing.

The base beer is The Bruery’s Rueuze, a 5.9 percent ABV gueuze-style beer that was first released in 2012. The new release released under The Bruery’s Terreux brand will be included for members of the Placenita, Calif.-based brewery’s Reserve Society.

In an email with Tenemu, Weiss said that Humulus Rueuze will be packaged in 750ml bottles and is scheduled to be released “before the end of the year.”