Almost 10 months after being brewed, the collaboration beer from Jester King Brewery and The Bruery is close to being released.

Imperial Cabinet is a 8.3 percent ABV American wild ale brewed with a multitude of ingredients: juniper berries, rosemary, cubeb pepper and lavender was added during brewing, while lime, lemon and orange zests, vanilla beans and orange blossom extracts were added while the beer aged in wine barrels for 10 months.

According to Benjamin Weiss, sales and marketing manager for The Bruery , the beer is intended to replicate the flavor of the classic New Orleans cocktail known as a Ramos Gin Fizz, which was invented in the 1880s.

Imperial Cabinet is packaged in 750ml bottles with about 800 cases filled and is “likely be released next month.” It is being released under the The Bruery’s Terreux label and the vast majority of the bottles will be allocated to The Bruery’s Society members, but a limited amount will “see a bit of local distribution.” It will not be available in Jester King’s home state of Texas since The Bruery does not distribute in that state.