Terrapin Brewing Co. will be releasing another variant of its popular Wake-n-Bake stout named French Toasted W-n-B before the end of the year.

Like the original Wake-n-Bake beer, French Toasted W-n-B will be brewed with Jittery Joe’s coffee, but also adds flavors of cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup to the mix. The beer comes in at 9.4 percent ABV and will feature waxed bottle crowns.

The new beer will be the fifth release in the Athens, Ga.-based brewery’s Reserve Series, which, which also includes White Chocolate Moo-Hoo, Cinnamon Roll’d Wake-n-Bake, Imperial Pumpkin Porter and Moo-HooChiato, the last of which has not yet been released.

“Breakfast in a bottle returns this year with one of our favorite morning time treats,” says the bottle label. “‘French Toasted W-n-B’ combines big maple syrup notes, fresh coffee, and hints of vanilla and cinnamon to stand out among the ordinary Imperial Stouts. With this much decadence packed into one bottle, this beer will get you back to the table for another round.”

While pricing has not yet been announced, French Toasted W-n-B will be sold starting the first week of Decemeber in limited quantities in both 22-ounce bottles and on draft across its distribution network, which includes 10 states in the southeast and east coast areas of the U.S.

The brewery also posted a photograph of Wake-n-Bake being pulled from Angel’s Envy bourbon casks, where it had been aging since November of last year. Terrapin told Tenemu that the aged beer will be used for special events in the future and will be available on draft only.