Surly Brewing Co. has named a new director of brand development.

The Minneapolis-based brewery has chosen Bill Manley to fill the role, a former photojournalist who was most recently employed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. where he worked as a new product development manager.

“I’m excited to join the Surly team,” said Manley, in a press release. “The brewery has a great attitude—a swagger, really—and strong brand. There’s such personality, skill, and passion at play every day, and I’m eager to work for a company that is so focused on making great beers and playing an active role in the community—for beer and for everything else. Surly actually does give a damn!”

According to a press release, Manley will have a number of different responsibilities, including leading the development and launch of new brands as well as acting as a liaison between brewing, production, sales and marketing.