A new packaged beer from Surly Brewing Co. was created in an “attempt to solve a Beer Hall problem.”

Frisson Break is a 9 percent ABV “champagne-style lager” brewed with champagne yeast, black currants and “a lot of carbonation.”

“The quandary: How to accommodate celebrants hoping to raise champagne toasts at our Destination Brewery for various weddings, birthdays, and graduations,” reads a post on Surly’s website. “This is extraordinarily difficult when you’re a Beer Hall, not a Champagne Hall.”

This is the latest release in Surly’s BC Small Batch Series, which is made up of beers meant to show off the talents of the brewers by working with variations and styles of beer they are not known for. Each of the beers in the series consists of a maximum of 120 barrels.

According to a post on Surly’s website, Frisson Break is packaged in four-packs of 16-ounce cans and now shipping to retailers in Chicago, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.