Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Stone Brewing Co. has announced that former ceo and co-founder Greg Koch will be transitioning from ceo to executive chairman of the Escondido, Calif.-based brewery. Although a new ceo has not yet been named, after the transition, Koch’s new responsibilities will include focusing “on long-term and higher-level strategic planning for the company.”

“This is a natural progression once companies reach our size and complexity,” said Koch, in a press release. “I see this as an opportunity to focus on future direction and projects for Stone Brewing. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who can contribute to our executive team and understands our vision for craft beer.”

Koch founded Stone with Steve Wagner in 1996, and it is now the ninth largest craft brewery in the county, employing over 1,100 people at multiple locations including an upcoming brewery in Europe.

According to the press release, “There is no set timeframe or expected hire date for an incoming CEO. The priority is to find an individual with the necessary skillset, passion for Stone and all things craft beer, and one who can support the efforts to provide high-quality craft beer worldwide.”