The newest release from Stone Brewing Co. will be a blend of old and new.

Stochasticity Project – HiFi+LoFi Mixtape is a 8.5 percent ABV beer that is composed of a blend of a “stock ale” that has been aged for more than three months in oak foudres and a fresh version of the same beer to create “a perfect harmony.” Both versions incorporate the same apollo, UK Target and willamette hops as well as five different malts.

The beer label gives some background on the history of blending beers together:

Even before the science of beer was fully understood, those seeking to present the finest iteration of an ale had their wys of ensuring flavors and textures that were a cut above. In Britain, pub owners kept ‘stock ales’ on hand, beers that had been left to mature in vats or oak barrels. During this aging period, the beers would mellow and occasionally, develop a twinge of tartness. These publicans were unaware of the oxidative or microbilolicigal reasons for such changes, but found that blending some of their stock ales with fresh beers – which dented to be overly bitter and smoky – made ideal quaffs for their patrons.

Stochasticity Project - HiFi+LoFi Mixtape 1

Stochasticity Project – HiFi+LoFi Mixtape joins five other releases in the Stone Stochasticity Project lineup, which was started to give the brewers almost total creative freedom to produce any beer they wanted, using any ingredients they wanted: Varna Necropolis (8.6 percent ABV), a bourbon barrel-aged gold Belgian ale; Quadrotriticale (9.3 percent ABV), a Belgian quadrupel brewed with triticale grain; Grapefruit Slam IPA (8.2 percent ABV), a double IPA brewed with grapefruit peels; Hibiscusicity (7.4 percent ABV), a Belgian-style ale brewed with hibiscus flowers and orange peel and Master of Disguise (9.7 percent ABV), an imperial golden stout brewed with cocoa and coffee beans.

Stochasticity Project - HiFi+LoFi Mixtape 2

According to filings with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the new limited release from the Escondido, Calif.-based brewery will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles. An email sent to the brewery for additional details was not immediately returned.