A new pale ale from Stone Brewing Co. takes its name from the Australian slang term for fantastic.

The beer is Ripper Pale Ale, a 5.6 percent ABV pale ale brewed with Cascade hops from the pacific northwest and Galaxy hops sourced from Australia.

Stone Ripper Pale Ale 12-Ounce Bottle Label 2

“When it came to devising the concept of our next pale ale, we drew inspiration from the coastal locale of SoCal and the land down under,“ reads a beer label filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB.)

“While some might think it lingers on the edge far closer to (an) IPA, with all the dry-hop flavor and aroma, it’s actually right in line with the current-day interpretation of a West Coast pale.”

Stone Ripper Pale Ale 12-Ounce Can Label

According to the beer labels, Ripper Pale Ale will be packaged in both 12-ounce bottles and cans. An email sent to the brewery for additional information was not immediately returned.

Update (Aug. 3, 2016) — This post was updated to include the 12-ounce can label. It was originally published on July 18, 2016.