Stone Brewing Co. has shipped its newest incarnation of its Smoked Porter beer, this time incorporating chocolate & orange peel.

As the name suggests, Smoked Porter with Chocolate & Orange Peel is brewed with chocolate from Los Angeles-based ChocoVivo, magnum and Mt. Hood hops, as well as orange peel that was added post-fermentation. The new version comes in at 5.9 percent ABV and 53 IBUs and follows other 22-ounce bottled variants of the Smoked Porter base beer such as Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean released in December 2013 and Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers released in May 2014.

Stone Smoked Porter with Chocolate  Orange Peel

“Since 2006, we’ve done experimental cask creations with Stone Smoked Porter and discovered how well it pairs with a broad range of ingredients, from chipotle peppers to vanilla beans,” said Mitch Steele, Stone’s brewmaster, in a press release. “When trying out different combinations for this specific limited release, I was really impressed with how well chocolate and orange peel worked together and knew it had to be shared with our fans on a large scale.”

The 22-ounce bottles have a suggested price of $7.99 and have already shipped to the 37 states and Puerto Rico where Stone is distributed.