Fans of Stone’s Old Guardian will be getting an “odd” version of the beer next year.

The Escondido, Calif.-based brewery will be releasing Old Guardian Extra Hoppy Barley Wine. It’s unclear how many extra hops will be added to the barleywine, but the label lists the ABV of the new beer at 10.5 percent, the same as the original Old Guardian.

Old Guardian Extra Hoppy Barley Wine is part of the brewery’s “Odd Beers for Odd Years” series, which was started in 2011 and features new variations of both Old Guardian Barley Wine and Imperial Russian Stout released in tandem with the classic versions every odd numbered year. Past incarnations have included Old Guardian Belgo Barley Wine and Belgo Imperial Russian Stout in 2011 and Old Guardian OAK-SMOKED Barley Wine and ESPRESSO Imperial Russian  in 2013.

The label has a random and rambling story that apparently has nothing whatsoever to do with the beer it is covering:

7:37 PM. Sara and I just arrived at Berlin’s Vagabund Brauerei. Upon entry, founder Matt handed me their 100% Marris Otter amber ale. CBS news correspondent Liz Palmer is filming at the bar with a young lady, no doubt to get her thoughts on the whole “craft beer thing.” Liz and I shot the main interview at the Stone-Berlin site earlier today. Talking about this project makes me antsy to get the damn thing open! Ditto our new Richmond, Virginia  (RVA) site (today, the City Council approved some new city ordinances to clear the way for the eastern US brewery). Polish beer blogger Michael “Docent” Maranda ( just walked over to say hello and grab a quick snapshot, and CBS cameraman Thurston is shooting me typing the text for this bottle on my laptop as I sip that Amber ale (which is really quite nice). Now, the camera is just a few inches from my face. Does the world really want an extreme close-up of me? I wouldn’t think so, but at least they asked me to take one more sip of the beer, so there’s that. Shortly, Liz and I are going to sit and taste some Stone beers hand–carried to Germany to share with folks here in anticipation of the late – 2015 opening of Stone Brewing – Berlin. Matt, Tom and David opened Vagabund Brauerei A little over a year ago, and it’s a shining beacon of light in an otherwise craft –artisanal–beer-sparse Berlin neighborhood of Wedding. They and other craft brewers in Berlin are bringing it. The movement is still in its naissance, but there’s a great energy. I’m being Mic’d so we can shoot the tasting part of the segment – my favorite part! (Good thing, considering the line of work I picked.) It’s heady times with these massive projects. More going on than any other time in our history… And we’ve always had a habit of having a lot going on. Part of that “don’t know how to leave well enough alone” gene we seem to be blessed with. Wouldn’t have it any other way. 8:52 PM. Just finished tasting 2014 OG with Liz. She loved it. We shared great conversations. Liz had some serious war stories (literally; I learned she spent years in different war-torn parts of the world, including being embedded with the Iraqi Army just a few days earlier, so interviewing me over beers was light duty, to say the least). I’ve met some great conversationalists in my time, but hanging out with her over beers was a treat. So was the nearly 2 hours that followed, discussing and enjoying beers. That seems to happen around me a lot.

The label indicates that Old Guardian Extra Hoppy will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles and will be released sometime in 2015.