After tweeting out a photo of a beer named Last Harvest in November that was quickly deleted, Stone Brewing Co. has shipped the beer, now with a new name: Winter Harvest.

According to the the Escondidio, Calif.-based brewery Winter Harvest is a “Belgian-style golden strong ale” aged in Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay wine barrels with Merlot grapes from Stone Farms for 27 months. Coming in at 11.3 percent ABV and 36 IBUs, the new beer is brewed with magnum and hallertau hops as well as Pilsner malt and Candi Sugar.

“Stone Brewer Matt Courtright came up with the recipe for this Belgian-style ale, designing it specifically to be aged in wine barrels,” reads the bottle label. “We did just that for over two years, during which native wild yeasts continued fermenting the beer. The result is an off-dry ale with pleasing levels of malt and tart fruit, especially tropical fruit flavors: guava from the Merlot grapes and pineapple from the Sauvignon Blanc barrels.”

The beer is the seventh 2014 release in Stone’s Quingenti Millilitre series, a collection of experimental beers that Stone bottles for the first time in 500ml bottles.

Winter Harvest ($20) is being shipped to outlets “on the West Coast and in the Midwest.”