In an email and video to Berlin Groundbreaking Collaboration supporters, Stone Brewing Co. has recalled bottles of its collaboration with Aleman Brewing Co. and Chicago, Ill.-based Two Brothers Brewing Co. named Champion of the Sun fore being “not be up to our standards.” The joint effort is an 8.6 percent ABV imperial IPA brewed with coffee beans sourced from Five Elephant that was brewed in Berlin on Jan. 17 and released in May.

“After recently resampling a number of bottles of our Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Collaboration Aleman / Two Brothers / Stone “Champion of the Sun,” we have found some of them to not be up to our standards,” reads the email sent to supporters. “When we bottled them at Stone Brewing – Berlin they were out of this world, and some of them still are. Unfortunately, it seems that others did not age as we expected. Somewhere in their journey across the Atlantic, they lost the character we’d intended.”

The IPA is one of Stone’s Groundbreaking Collaborations that has been brewed at Stone’s new Berlin facility, which opened in September 2015 after more than a year of construction. In 2014, Stone launched an Indiegogo campaign to help crowdfund the Berlin-based brewery. Contributors of the project were promised 1.5l bottles of 14 collaborative beers brewed at the German facility.

According to Stone, “perhaps all” of the 1.5L bottles are affected, as well as an unknown number of 750ml bottles. Since was only one batch of the IPA produced, the brewery will be replacing 1.5L the bottles with any two 750ml Stone Groundbreaking Collaboration beers that are currently available, empty or full, at the brewery.