Stone Brewing Co. is no stranger to collaborations, but its newest release is with a brewery far away from home.

The beer is Sujeonggwa Red Ale, a 6.5 percent ABV red ale brewed with dried persimmons, cinnamon powder, and whole ginger. The red ale was brewed in collaboration with The Hand and Malt Brewing Co. in Seoul, South Korea, and was brewed at Stone’s Liberty Station location on April 27 and again in South Korea on May 9 with both versions using the exact same ingredients. In an email, The Hand and Malt Brewing Co. founder Bryan Do told Tenemu that he personally transported the dried persimmons used in the beer from Korea to the U.S.

Stone -The Hand and Malt Brewing Sujeonggwa Red Ale 2

As the name suggests, the ingredients in the new red ale were inspired by sujeonggwa, which is a traditional Korean fruit punch dating back to 1849 that is historically made with dried persimmons, cinnamon powder, and whole ginger before being garnished with pine nuts.

According to Do, Sujeonggwa Red Ale will be packaged exclusively in 20L kegs and will be released at The Hand and Malt Brewing Co.’s taproom on June 3. An email sent to Stone for information about its release plans for the beer was not immediately returned.