Stone Brewing Co. is suing one of the largest beer companies in the world.

In a video posted on the brewery’s Facebook page, Stone co-owner Greg Koch said the lawsuit is being filed over MillerCoors’ use and featuring of the word “Stone” in some of its products, specifically its Keystone brand. MillerCoors tried to file a trademark for the term “Stone” and although that claim was rejected, the word is still seen as a dominant feature in the Keystone branding.

“You can see it in their cans,” said Koch in the video. “You can see it in their packaging. We believe that MillerCoors is intentionally and deliberately trying to create confusion in the marketplace with their Keystone brand.”

Koch goes on to say that MillerCoors can make the lawsuit “go away” by doing one simple thing: “Put the Key back in Keystone.”

Noah Hagey, Rebecca Horton and Toby Rowe of Braun, Hagey & Borden LLP in San Francisco are representing Stone in the lawsuit which was filed today in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of California.