Fans of one of Stillwater Artisanal Ales’ most popular seasonal beers will soon have both a new version as well as a new way to enjoy it.

The beer in question is Cellar Door, a 6.6 percent ABV farmhouse wheat ale brewed with German wheat and pale malts as well as Citra and sterling hops as well as “a touch of white sage “ before being dry-hopped with the same Citra and sterling hops. This is a new version of the ale that was first released in 2010, in that the original version used the same base, but was not dry-hopped.

In an email, Stillwater owner Brian Strumke told Tenemu that the new version of Cellar Door will be packaged in 12-ounce cans that will replace the currently available 12-ounce bottles, with the new packaging option scheduled to ship across the company’s full distribution network in the spring.

Update (Jan. 2, 2017) — This post was updated to include the full can label. It was originally published on De. 27, 2016.