A new release coming next month from Stillwater Artisan Ales was inspired by the Dr. Pepper soft drink.

The beer is I Miss The Old Kanye, an 8 percent ABV imperial porter brewed with brettanomyces as well as cloves, juniper, plums, prunes, star anise and vanilla to try and replicate the flavor of Dr. Pepper.

“I…sat down and deconstructed the flavors and aroma of the soft drink and used ingredients like plum, prune, juniper, clove, vanilla, and star anise to name a few,” explained Stillwater owner Brian Strumke in an email with Tenemu.

According to Strumke, I Miss The Old Kanye will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles and will be shipped to retailers across Stillwater’s entire distribution network when it is released in “early July.”