SouthNorte Beer Co. is celebrating its one year anniversary this year with the release of Aniversario 1. The San Diego-based brewery is collaborating with celebrated chef Javier Plascencia of Baja to create a perfect pairing with his most popular dish: Finca Altozano octopus.

Aniversario 1 will be a 7.5 percent ABV saison brewed with Mexican honey, epazote, and cilantro.

“I wanted to create a dry and earthy saison that cuts through the richness of the dish and offers an effervescent counterpoint, without overwhelming the citrus notes of the octopus,” said Ryan Brooks, SouthNorte’s brewmaster, in a press release. “The spicy yeast character of the saison is the perfect canvas for exploring additional spices like the epazote and cilantro.”

It will begin distribution on Oct. 1 throughout San Diego, packaged in 750ml bottles carrying neck hangers with Plascencia’s octopus recipe.