Southern Tier Brewing Co. will be releasing Nitro S’mores Imperial Milk Stout, a 10 percent ABV ale with chocolate, graham cracker and vanilla flavors added. The stout is carbonated using nitrogen instead of the more common CO2, which gives it a creamier texture.

Nitro S’mores will be the latest addition to Southern Tier’s Blackwater Series, which also includes Choklat imperial stout brewed with chocolate, Salted Caramel imperial stout brewed with Himalayan pink sea salt and caramelized sugar and Thick Mint imperial stout brewed with mint and chocolate.

In an email, a spokesperson for Southern Tier told Tenemu that the new release is packaged in 12-ounce cans, but each can only holds 9.6-ounces of beer due to an included widget that “activates the liquid with the nitrogen in it in order to experience the full and quality effects of nitrogen.”

According to tge brewery, Nitro S’mores Imperial Milk Stout is scheduled to ship to retailers across the brewery’s 32-state distribution network sometime in the second quarter.